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1964 AJS 500 Statesman OHV Single Cylinder – Model 18

This is perhaps the nearest answer by AJS to the BSA Gold Star 500. It incorporates a lot of lessons learned from the coveted BSA. The engine has a high compression ratio and high lift cams to produce a lot of horsepower and exhilarating performance. It needs a powerful kick to kickstart the high compression machine. Once running, it is a delight to behold, with a very good combination of power and handling.

In its day, this classic was considered to have solid dependability suitable for long distance riding. The bike handled well on the road and was comfortable to hide in all road conditions. It was considered economical for a large capacity single cylinder of its day. A gem of a motorcycle, and even now the bike can consistently travel at 100kmph virtually the whole day.

This particular Statesman is in excellent condition, fully restored, roadworthy and licenced. It handles superbly and would be a joy to own for any good biker. Because of its scarcity, an AJS in this condition is very sought after, with only a few good examples left throughout the world.

For Sale At R109 000

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1964 AJS Statesman

1964 AJS Statesman front view