About Us

Dear Motoring Enthusiasts,

The inspiration to share with you many of my interests, discoveries and treasures has been built up over the past 7 decades. The Kinsey family exploits include going back to my great grandfather’s interest in engines when he was acknowledged by Her Majesty’s government of England in 1870 for inventive improvements to the internal combustion engine. This was recorded in the London Gazette and is displayed in the Museum.

Our Museum has in particular a motor racing flavour which reflects my interest in motorsport. My father, Burton Kinsey, was a very successful motorcycle racer in the 1930’s, winning the Durban-Johannesburg road race in 1933 (400 miles of mainly dirt roads in under 7 hours). I really do have racing in my veins and at times become quite fanatical about it. I enjoy nothing more than one of the many motoring clubs visiting and getting excited about our venue!

Please enjoy the exhibits, experience the fun and enthusiasm, and enrich yourself with all things motoring!
I welcome you all with open doors!

Yours Sincerely,

Rodney Burton William Kinsey

Rod Kinsey

The Curator: Robin Broide

I am extreamly fortunate to have a very enthusiastic, erudite and articulate curator, Robin Broide, at the helm of the motor driven ship. I stay busy looking after the engine room.

A word from the Curator:
My background in education and real estate sales has allowed me a strange, but easy transition to curating a museum.
Two aspects have intrigued me – The artistry in these vintage mechanical machines, and the social history of the motor-car, moving women away from the confines of domesticity to the open road, often behind the wheel. The museum still needs to highlight this. I would also like to see those who have not had the opportunities to participate, to move ahead to the checkered flag!
I remain constantly in awe of Rod Kinsey’s passion for all things motoring. He remains the spark, the ignition and the horsepower of the Museum.

Robin Broide

The Tech Guy: Eran Broide

I specially wish to thank Eran, my godson, for the care and consideration in developing this website in his own perfectionist way.

Craig Burns

- Motorcycle specialist and mechanic