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Everything in the Museum has a price, and therefore the content is dynamic with ever changing displays.

We will keep you informed on new and interesting additions to the Museum.

We not only offer Classic Cars & Motorcycles, Motoring Memorabilia & Apparel, Model Cars & Motoring Library...
We offer something for everyone at our Tea Garden & Shoppe - Jewelry, Clothing, Arts & Crafts, Antiques & lots more.

Weekly F1 Report


Museum Owner Rod Kinsey's Formula 1 race report published in the South Coast Fever during racing season at the beginning of the week after every race. This is an exciting and informative report that also reveals some of the secrets of racing to the ordinary person. In no more than 500 words, Rod concentrates the events of every Grand Prix covering the first 10 positions.

Rod has had a lifetime interest in motor racing. He spent several years in England working as a mechanic for the Mike Tyrrell F3 Team and March Engineering building racing cars. For the last 20 years Rod has been a member of the SA Guild Of Motoring Journalists, doing almost weekly F1 reports.