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1962 Lotus Elan S1 'Spider'

One of Collin Chapman's Gems, the Elan in 2-seater form is probably one of the best handling sports cars of all time. Its human-like backbone chassis, which gave it high strength with light weight, was an outstanding feature. The car was also a biproduct of Frank Costin (the aerodynamicist from de Haviland), who gave it the best properties of good aerodynamics and low drag. Its 4-wheel disk brakes were revolutionary in 1961.

The Elan is a compact car - short, narrow and low, with a very small frontal area, normally powered by a twin-cam Lotus Ford Engine of just over 100hp. This example has a fabulous Toyota 20 valve engine it 175hp. 'Goes like the clappers!'

Have the original windscreen and brackets available. A spare Lotus Ford Twin Cam engine also negotiable through Rod Kinsey.

Top speed: 250kmph
0-100 in 5 seconds

For Sale AT R500 000 Negotiable

Pictures Below

1962 Lotus Elan S1

1962 Lotus Elan S1 front view
1962 Lotus Elan S1 rear view
1962 Lotus Elan S1 engine