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1966 Ford Anglia 105E

The 105E engine is a real gem with its famous big bore short stroke engine, which allowed it to be modified with great success.

The well-known Cosworth brand was formed when Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth, both brilliant engineers, got together and developed first of all the Cosworth MAE engine (Modified Anglia Engine). The 105E, in MAE form, was soon revving to over 9000rpm from its base 5000rpm in standard form! This amazing engine was soon developed into the Single Cam A Series (SCA) and later into the 5 main bearing and Four Valve A Series, (FVA). In the end, the most famous Formula One DFV (Double Four Valve) came into fruition as the most successful ever Formula One engine.

Besides the engine, the Anglia was a lightweight, 2 door car with good handling, so it was natural that the 105E soon became an excellent production car racer.

At present this car is fitted with a Datsun 1200 engine but owner Rod Kinsey has plans to return it to its original Ford status.

For Sale From R75 000 Upwards Price variable depening on engine chosen.

Pictures Below

1966 Ford Anglia 105E

1966 Ford Anglia 105E front view
1966 Ford Anglia 105E rear view
1966 Ford Anglia 105E engine
1966 Ford Anglia 105E interior