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DKW Junior F11

The F11 was a compact front-wheel drive saloon, launched in 1959, which boasted class-leading interior space.

The DKW ‘3 = 6’ highlighted the ‘equi-value’ between the 2-stroke, 3-cylinder engine and a 4-stroke 6-cylinder engine.

DKW produced cars and motorcycles between 1928 and 1966, apart from the Second World War. They always used 2-stroke engines. DKW originally stood for ‘Dampf-Kraft-Wagen’ meaning ‘steam-powered-car’. Danish engineer Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen attempted to produce a steam-driven car in 1916. Although unsuccessful, he produced a motorcycle 2-stroke engine and called it ‘Das Kleine Wunder’ meaning ‘the little wonder’, the initials from this becoming the DKW brand. By the late 1920s, DKW had become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. In 1932, DKW merged with Audi, Horch and Wanderer to form Auto Union.

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Pictures Below

DKW Junior F11

DKW Junior F11 front view
DKW Junior F11 rear view
DKW Junior F11 engine
DKW Junior F11 interior